About The Right Drop

About The Right Drop
The Right Drop is about finding the best wine for you at your budget. We don’t believe good wine should be sold.
If the right questions are asked and the answers listened to, we can assist you in finding The Right Drop.
Red Wine, White Wine, Rosé, or Sparkling Wine…we can remove the difficulty in finding a wine you want to drink.
The Right Drop
Nigel Culshaw CEO & Founder
The Right Drop started five years ago as “Community Wines” with a simple goal: Never say No.
The brainchild of Founder & CWT (Chief Wine Taster) Nigel Culshaw. He recognised that there are a significant number of wine drinkers who know what they like to drink and would like some guidance in obtaining those wines
Instead of taking a position in certain wines and then trying to sell those wines to clients, we do the opposite and ask our clients what they want to purchase and then get those wines for them.
Such a simple concept that really appeals to wine drinkers who are after “The Right Drop”.
We ask our clients what they want to drink and then we listen to the answer.
Then, we find them the wine styles and labels they like and using that information guide them on choices about wines they have not tried. Our customer satisfaction? 98%. We are always happy to provide a money back guarantee.
Just as the wine industry continues to evolve, so did our business and this evolution is reflected in our new name The Right Drop.
We source wines. A key part of our business involves sourcing wines for our clients, we have access to the same distributors that supply the restaurant trade. If it is imported into or distributed in Australia, we can generally source the wines you want to drink. French Burgundy, Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, New Zealand Gewurztraminer, or Tasmanian Pinot Noir...photos of these regularly appear in our inbox with requests for more.
Wine Tasting
We taste wines. To know what our clients will like, we need to taste wines. Lots of them. The knowledge gained from this simple activity is a core part of our business. From Artemis Wines to Mada to Xanadu Wines, we taste the breadth of wines produced in Australia and overseas.
We talk to Winemakers. Steve Pannell at SC Pannell, Bryan Martin at Ravensworth, Brendan Carr from Xanadu Wines to Nick Farr of By Farr or Paul & Gilli Lipscombe at Sailor Seeks Horse. Some have been around the tasting table, others at events, they provide the insight into the vintage and how the wines are made from year to year.
We save you time. No more wasted trips to the bottle shop that result in less than satisfying wine.
Have you ever been to a dinner party and one of the guests has arrived with a stunning bottle of wine? When you asked them where they got it, the glib answer was “I’ve got a guy…”
The Right Drop is that guy.