Marion Valpolicella 2017 Marion Valpolicella Superiore - Veneto, Italy

2017 Marion Valpolicella Superiore - Veneto, Italy

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30% Apassimento, 100% large format old Slovenian Oak.

Light beetroot red in colour the nose offers notes of smoky capsicum, charcuterie, oranges, pickled fruit and red cherries. The palate, WOW, light bodied but mouth-filling with tannins that are ever so fine balanced against almost invisible acid (yet somehow the two combines to create a structure that allows the flavours to dance…). Flavours are a myriad of chocolate, dates, raisins then on to fresher red fruit, cherries, raspberries, hints of strawberry and something darker maybe plum. Light in style but rich in flavour, this is truly in the vein of velvet glove, iron fist.

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