A.T. Richardson Rosé A.T Richardson Chockstone Rosé 2020

A.T Richardson Chockstone Rosé 2020

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A blend of Nebbiolo, Durif, Shiraz and Tannat with a touch of Riesling for good measure.

Each variety was fermented separately and then blended together. The Nebbiolo for a teeny bit of crunch and some wonderful floral notes, the Durif delivers in strawberries, the Shiraz, just underlying generosity, and then Tannat for structure and length, Riesling for a bit of acidity and zing.

This is a beautiful Rosé, the nose is all rose petals and stone fruit with heaps of strawberries and cream which then flows onto the palate showing more stone fruit, strawberries and cream.

It's crisp but soft and generous at the same time.
A.T. Richardson Rosé is a beautiful drinking Rosé.

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