Adelina Riesling Adelina Polish Hill River Riesling 2021

2022 Adelina Polish Hill River Riesling

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What is it abut Polish Hill River vineyards that delivers such great wines?

Winemaker Col McBryde reckons this is his best vintage yet, we'd tend to agree.

This 2022 Adelina Polish Hill River Riesling is a study in lime. Aromas of lime sorbet on oyster shells on a backdrop of musk stick perfume is the amuse bouche (so to speak) then the palate is dripping in lime...lime, lime and more lime its tight and lean with a super dry finish. The length is incredible, it goes forever. 

This is an intense wine and it delivers in spades. Forget to lay some down at your peril, in 10-15 years as the complexity evolves this wine will redefine your impression of aged Riesling. 

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