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By Farr Chardonnay ‘GC’ (Gary Charles) 2020

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‘The GC Chardonnay (GC – Gary Charles) is attributed to all the knowledge we have been able to extract from Gary to create a close planted / high density planting of chardonnay on an exposed côte. These hillsides facing North, North East and East will be the backbone of the Farr dynasty for decades to come.

They consist of the most suitable clones, rootstocks, trellising and management you will find for our landscape. This is our tribute to what ‘Gazza’ has achieved and provoked over 40 years not only in our region but for chardonnay and pinot noir of Australia.

The North côte is a red to brown loam with buckshot stones across the surface. The most exposed of the three côtes, the North côte is harvested last of all because of the large amount of clay, holding valuable moisture for a much longer time than the other slopes.

The East côte is divided through the centre of the slope by a rise. Black volcanic soil with fragmented limestone in one direction and grey loam with buckshot stones in the other direction. Soil is King as the East côte has the least amount of clay and therefore least water-holding capacity resulting in it being harvested first even though it is the coolest côte of the three.’  

TASTING NOTE - "Named after living By Farr patriarch, Gary Charles (GC) Farr, this wine is the definition of tension and definition. Coming from the Cote vineyard site close to the winery, the GC is, so far, the epitome of the Chardonnay craft at By Farr. Wholly un-Australian in its fruit expression, in that it's fully ripe but skillfully avoids overt sweetness of fruit. Stones, biscuit, spice, nuts, nougat, freshness depth; the By Farr GC Chardonnay is fine boned with nervous acidity, endlessly complex and layered." Nick Farr

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