Wine By Farr Pinot Noir By Farr Pinot Noir ‘Farrside’ 2019

By Farr Pinot Noir ‘Farrside’ 2019

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For years the Farrside and Sangreal Pinot Noirs evolved side by side, each year asking the question which is the better wine. But finally I think we are at a point where each wine is different and able to stand on its own as a great wine.

The Farrside is a more masculine example of Pinot Noir (I am sorry if that sounds sexist) with rich raspberries and red cherries wrapped in blackberries and black cherries. There is a certain savouriness to this wine that just completes the flavours. Underlying minerality and fine tannins provide the runway. Long and delicate, this wine will age beautifully.


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