Wine By Farr Pinot Noir By Farr Pinot Noir ‘Sangreal’ 2019

By Farr Pinot Noir ‘Sangreal’ 2019

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By Farr Sangreal is truly elegance in a glass, an exhibition of balance. 

Red fruit abounds in this wine but it is no bright pretty thing, the flavours are dark and brooding, rich and intense. Wholebunch is 70% which in terms of the phenolics transferred provides another dimension to this wine. Taut acidity keeps everything in check and tannins are as you would expect fine...

Perfumed florals leap from the glass and the flavours are terribly more-ish, but this is still a baby...imagine pulling it from slumber in a dozen years time.

There is not a lot, so I recommend buying some.

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