Wine By Farr Pinot Noir By Farr Pinot Noir ‘Tout Près’ 2018

By Farr Pinot Noir ‘Tout Près’ 2018

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Tout Pres, the flagship of the By Farr range and possibly one of the closest approximations to Burgundy made in Australia. It's not Burgundy but it comes close.

A true iron fist velvet glove type wine. To look at in the glass you would underestimate the sheer intensity and richness contained within.

100% wholebunch adds a different dimension to this wine, tannins are prominent but work to balance the dark brooding flavours and heady perfumes. Spicy fruit notes combine with hints of minerality. The flavours of plum, raspberry and cherry are seriously delicate but stacked in layers they exhibit so much intensity. I want to say this wine is ethereal, but I can't. But it is bloody amazing. 

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