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By Farr Shiraz 2019

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This is one of the best Cote-Rotie style wines produced in Australia and sits comfortably with the likes of Clonakilla and Yarra Yering. Once upon a time it also offered a nice value proposition but now competes at a similar price point. Not a compaint just an observation.

The By Farr Shiraz is one of my favourite wines.

Flavours are deep and complex, showcasing the classic elements of cool climate shiraz. White pepper and spice on the nose with hints of vanilla. The By Farr vineyard produces wines that show an inherent minerality regardless of the grape variety. The dash of 3-4% Viognier adds to the palate and the nose, aromatics leap from the glass and there is a plush richness that lifts the Shiraz. There is also the intensity of the fruit on the palate. Blueberries and blackberries intertwine, more vanilla creeps through, tannins are nowhere to be found and there is this inherent lushness that in most wines would be hard to replicate but Nick Farr repeats this year in and year out.

Beautiful Shiraz, if you have never tried then you should.

"The 2018 release was shiraz with a bit of nebbiolo (style) about it; this 2019 is shiraz with a Burgundy leaning. It is just so thoroughly and gorgeously complex. Undergrowth, sweet herb/mescal, stem and roasted spice characters romp through cherry-plum, woodsmoke and violet. It’s a cracking red wine, high in fragrance, charm, character and distinction; it’s impeccably well balanced, not to mention controlled, but it’s also a wine with the wind in its hair, free and flowing. The length of the palate here is outstanding, it really is. Fabulous wine."

Campbell Mattinson - 96 Points - The Wine Front

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