Charteris Wines Riesling Charteris The Hunt Vineyard Riesling 2017

Charteris The Hunt Vineyard Riesling 2017

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Subtle floral perfume, more citrus blossom, and the faintest lift of crushed kaffir lime leaf gives a sense of aromatic infinity. Lime, Lime and more limes flood the entry of this wine. Then there’s the build of weight and resonance, acidity playing with phenolics playing with exact, pithy and crunchy acidity with a silky glide of texture drives juicy length. This wine is not only delicious, it’s highly more-ish! 

"The fact that they chose to plant the tiny 0.7-hectareplot of Riesling at the base of a steep granite outcrop may have been because the soil was no good for Pinot Noir. But in doing so they createdsomething absolutely unique. In all my winemakingcareerI have come across only a few patches of dirt that have such a consistent and distinct expression. The tone and volume of the site inevitably change year on year, but the music stays the same."

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