Penfolds Pinot Noir Penfolds Bin 23 Pinot Noir 2020

Penfolds Bin 23 Pinot Noir 2020

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Bin 23’s name is derived from the place the wine matures, ‘Cellar 23’ at Magill Estate and follows in the footsteps of the success and development of the Penfolds Cellar Reserve Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir. Bin 23 Pinot Noir is a bold, and dynamic inclusion to the Penfolds red wine stable – reflecting an evolving style, regional definition and the complexities of the many and varied pinot noir clones. The relationship between Penfolds and cool-climate regions continues with the multi-regional sourcing of Bin 23 Pinot Noir.
Bright raspberry red, exotic berried-yoghurt and strawberry-yoghurt cake flavours offer immediate enticement. A roundness and polish is evident, possibly due to time in barrique on lees? Yet there remains a tension, elasticity to contradict and complex! Tasmanian grape sourcing may help to explain this Pinot Noir’s minerality, graphite edge. Ditto the fine acidity, tannins and red fruits. Is the flintiness/wet-stone from the oak and/or fruit? Texturally so silky... a radiant plume conically fanning out ever so softly on the finish. Immediately an assertion of strawberry cream/framboise ‘varietal correctness’! An enchanting and transcendent fraises des bois subtle herbaceousness arouses further interest and endearment. A hint of fresh tobacco, sage... and red currant pastille fruits. Spicy oak is evident, yet respectful.

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