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Sami-Odi ‘Little Wine #11’ (Syrah) NV

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An unvintaged assemblage composed of casks from 2021 (46%), 2020 (18%), 2019 (16%), 2018 (2%), 2017 (9%), 2016 (5%) & 2015 (4%).
Sourced from our six treasured plots within the Hoffmann’s ‘Dallwitz’ vineyard from vines planted in 1996, 1995, 1994, 1960, 1927 & the oldest vines planted prior to 1912.

6427 bottles were filled.

"The vintage characteristics are distinct from the troublesome, complex 2020 harvest with its heat, fire and the like, 2021 a near perfect year for growing grapes and a small, balanced harvest – these some of the major influences in this release. The blending components go back to the start of all remaining resources (to 2015 in this instance), but a second blend occurred after letting the wine settle, and more 2021 went in. In the end, we get 2021 (46%), 2020 (18%), 2019 (16%), 2018 (2%), 2017 (9%), 2016 (5%) & 2015 (4%). Huzzah!

Dark fruited, inky and soft, maraschino and booze-soaked currants, fresh though, tannins high, a sense of concentration and depth. Gravelly grip comes through, some hazy paprika smoke notes in perfume and palate too. Fresh finish, more sweet currant and red liquorice notes, fennel, mushroom and this interesting weak brandy character. It’s beautiful, highly perfumed and hearty at once. A more intense, deeper release of this wine, but the sum of parts makes for very lovely stuff, indeed."

94 Points - Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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