Stefano Lubiana Chardonnay Stefano Lubiana Collina Chardonnay - Derwent Valley - 2017

Stefano Lubiana Collina Chardonnay - Derwent Valley - 2019

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"The wine bottle is so heavy at its base that it actually pours kind of funny, out of balance in a way. You really have to heave it, kind of. Wield it at the glass. Collina at the top end of Stefano Lubiana chardonnay tree. Biodynamic certified.

Hey hey, this is a beauty. Has this kind of understatement but distinct sense of complexity. Beautiful; salted nut scents and flavours with gentle citrus, green apple, flinty-stony notes. A sense of concentration but gentleness, softness, mellifluous flow and lingers strongly with spice and minerally flickers. Mellow and gorgeous, such ease of drinking. No missing the quality."

95 Points - Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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