Torzi Matthews Shiraz Torzi Matthews ‘Mystic Park’ Shiraz 2020

Torzi Matthews ‘Mystic Park’ Shiraz 2021

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What a wine! Tasted this baby across three days, and on day 3 could not help myself and finished the bottle.

Dom Torzi keeps making this better each year but there is some vintage variation. Last year was lighter in style with more red fruit. This year is a whole different beast and trust me it is good. I challenge you to find a better Shiraz at $20.

The nose is dark fruit and leather and bramble. Everything happens on the palate, its like a rich syrup of black and blue fruited goodness (medicine anyone?) So much heavier than the 2020 vintage there are rich blackberries, blueberries, some mulberries and chocolate all blended into this juicy inky black goodness. Its a super juicy wine, you will be salivating for hours after and everything is in balance, you don't notice the acids and the tannins are just AWOL.

I tasted this on Day 3 and it was amazing. If you are not drinking this wine this probably don't like good Shiraz. 

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