Torzi Matthews Negro Amaro Vigna Cantina Negro Amaro 2017

2020 Torzi Matthews Vigna Cantina Negroamaro - Barossa Valley

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Dominic Torzi has done it again! My initial reaction to this wine was:

"Wow, faaaark!" The nose is jam packed full of raspberries and blackberries and wonderfully perfumed earthy spicy notes. It is a flavour bomb, I do not say that lightly, there is a full spectrum of red and blackfruit on display for the palate to enjoy. Plums, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries they are all there. Acid zings and dances across the palate, there is so much going on this wine fills the mouth and just explodes all over the palate delivering rich goodness.

Yum, get some!

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