Torzi Matthews Prosecco Vigna Cantina Prosecco 2020

Vigna Cantina Prosecco 2020

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“Sono un italiano
Un italiano vero
Buongiorno Italia, che non si spaventa”

I hosted a Prosecco event in Sydney recently, for some Italian companies, and talked for just over an hour on the subject. They really don’t like wines from outside the Prosecco DOC being called Prosecco. They even rolled in the town of Prosecco, which is nowhere near the traditional growing region, and renamed the grape ‘Glera’, instead of Prosecco. Anyway, here is Dom Torzi’s version of it, from the Barossa.

Simple pleasures done well, is something I appreciate in wine. This is perfumed and a little musky and grapey, lemon rind and apple, then it pulls all chalky and saline, tastes pretty much dry, sports a fine set of bubbles, and has a pretty long salted cracker aftertaste. In terms of quality, it’s up there with the best examples, which may or may not be damning it with faint praise, but gee it’s a lovely thing to drink. So refreshing.

Gary Walsh - The Winefront

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