Xanadu White Blend Xanadu DJL Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2019

Xanadu DJL Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2019

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Long live the Margaret River Classic! Sadly thanks to dwindling demand for Semillon, vines are being pulled or being grafted over with other varietals...meaning that in the future this classic blend will be no more.

Every so often I try this wine and marvel at how good it it. Without a doubt the value proposition is there, sub $30 and capable of afternoon drinks or to escort a seafood meal.

Pale in colour with a vague green tinge. The nose is tropical to say the least, with quince, passionfruit, lemon thyme and dried herbs. Crisp and lemony, the acidity creates a wonderful clarity of flavour that underscores the rich tropical fruit. Closing out with a long dry finish.

Gold at the 2019 National Wine Show.

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